About us

Mindful Money Financial Counsel is a Chicago-based firm offering fee-only, holistic financial planning and investment advice on a flat fee and hourly-as-needed basis. 


Our vision We see a future world where financial advisors are compensated based on the amount of value and impact they can positively make on your life and relationship with money, not by the sale of commission-based financial products or the amount of money you have to invest. We think the ideal model for providing financial advice is more similar to health and wellness care models (physician, therapist, and group fitness classes). We aim to provide a comfortable place to get trustworthy and actionable advice so you can reach your fullest potential. 

Our mission is to elevate you, your life, and your money to find deeper meaning, clarity, and fulfillment. We do this by collaborating with you to make wise and thoughtful money and life decisions to attain a greater peace of mind. 

Our values: Trust, optimism, creativity, wellness, sustainability, compassion, humility, resourcefulness

What makes us unique:

    • Flexible ways to work with us (one time or ongoing advice)

    • Independent, locally owned and operated

    • Objective, fee-only advice

    • No requirements to turn your money over to us

    • No investment minimums