About you

Maybe you are seeking to meet with an independent, objective financial advisor to help you address these types of questions

  • How should we prioritize saving for our goals? 

  • How much should I be putting towards student loans versus savings?

  • How do I reduce my taxes?

  • What employer benefits should I choose?

  • How much should we be saving for retirement and where are the best places to save most tax efficiently? 

  • What is the best investment strategy for me?

  • Do I have enough in my emergency fund?

  • What’s the best type of college savings account I should choose?

Or perhaps you are having thoughts or feelings like these

  • I am seeking validation of my financial decisions and guidance to make sure I am making the right ones

  • I wonder how to best allocate my money towards savings, debt, and spending

  • Are there any blind spots I should be thinking about regarding my finances?

  • I enjoy managing my money but want to get a second opinion to make sure I am optimizing everything to the fullest

  • I want objective advice; not a sales pitch for an insurance product or someone trying to convince me to turn over my portfolio to them to manage

  • I know I can do better, but something just keeps getting in the way of fulfilling my financial vision 

  • I feel like I have too much information and too little time

Or maybe you have recently or are about to experience a big life change and want a second opinion

  • We recently got married and want to know the best way about merging our finances 

  • We are having a child and want to best prepare for that

  • I’m getting close to retiring and want to know where I stand and what strategies I should be considering

  • I’ve recently gotten a promotion and want to optimize my new cash flow

  • We’d like to move from a dual income household to one

  • We want to know how much home we can afford

If any of this resonates with you, we are happy you are here and would love to meet you.